It’s not just a spray tan, it’s self care. 


Mobile Spray Tanning

I love that my job gives clients a natural glow but most importantly it gives CONFIDENCE! An airbrush tan can give you a little confidence pick me up. GlowRayMe is a mobile sunless tan service. I welcome all bodies, shapes and sizes — plus, a tan for every skin tone. Experience a luxe airbrush tan applied by hand with a beautiful bronze color and flawless application. Using only the best safe; non-toxic, vegan, gluten free and PETA-friendly products.

Each Airbrush Tan Is Fully Customized To Each Clients Preference And Skin Tone! 

Need your tan to develop quickly or have all day to become a bronze babe? Whichever way you want it, we have the right development time for you! GlowRayMe offers incredible color as soon as 2 hours, or keep the bronzer on for up to 8 hours for an even darker glow. The choice is yours at one great price! 



Services + Pricing


Original Glow ( rinse off at 8 hours or more)  $70

Rapid Glow ( rinse off at least 2-6 hours)  $70

Spray Tan Parties ( groups of 5 or more)  $45


What’s included in my spray tan?

easy set up & take down spray tan tent – keeping everything fresh and clean within your home

thorough skin analysis by our licensed Aesthetician 

customized spray tan to help you achieve your desired glow


access to GlowRayMe sunless skincare products








Caring For Your Glow.

Make sure your glow lasts as long as your fun. Here are a few simple reminders…
Pre Glow


  • Shave or wax to remove unwanted hair 24 hours prior to your session. Shaving or exfoliating hours before the spray tan can result in skin irritation or darkened pores. 
  • Exfoliate entire body with a natural sugar scrub or exfoliating mitt to remove dead skin cells and prep the skin for your perfect glow. Please do this prior to your tan day.
  • Do not apply body lotions, oils, makeup or deodorant to your skin as this will create a barrier preventing you from receiving your optimal glow and/or cause discoloration in your glow.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing, sleeveless preferred, after your tan session.
  • Feel free to wear a bathing suit or tan nude.
Post Glow
  • As with all good things that come to those who wait, your glow is one of them. Please wait the appropriate amount of time discussed at your appointment before showering or resuming exercise. Note: this includes refraining from yoga or yoga- like exercises/ stretches that might cause sweating while in the bronzer.  Some clients do choose to sleep in the bronzer – this is completely up to you as the client. Never exceed longer than 24 hours before you rinse as this could result in an undesired look.
  • Contact with water or sweat during developing hours could result in lines or uneven tanning – so be patient, your tan will thank you!
  • For your first rinse, do not use any soaps or body wash. Use lukewarm water. Some products have ingredients that don’t mix well with DHA and could strip your flawless tan. Too hot of water could scorch your skin leaving some spots of your tan to be lighter than others. When you rinse, you will notice the tanning solution “washing away’ don’t worry this is not your tan leaving you. The bronzer is an added solution to help guide me in your application and give you an instant tan! Over the course of your developing time the DHA develops on your skin, leaving you a flawless tan. This is what is revealed after your first rinse. Keep in mind, the post rinse tan will typically be a lighter shade than it was with the bronzer.
  • When drying, remember to pat, not rub your skin dry.
  • Wait until 24 hours after your spray tan to apply a moisturizer.  Your spray tan is still developing to its fullness potential so let’s not stop the magic from happening! Once 24 hours has passed please moisturize daily. We recommend our GlowRayMe Nourishing Body Creme. This creme will not only help maintain and hydrate your tan, but its packed full of nutrients to feed your skin and keep it glowing.
  • Please, please, please remember to apply an SPF when out in the sun daily. Spray tans do not contain any sun protection. 
*Remember, the life of your glow depends on the care you take of your skin. Your glow is designed to last up to 5-7 days.  So please follow the care guidelines and if you have any questions, please ask! Now get your glow on!